Cutting-Edge Technology for Factory Automation

Global Controls in Saint Charles, Illinois provides robust and easily maintainable automation solutions. “We spend a great deal of effort in the design and implementation stages,” comments Marshall Miles, managing director at Global Controls. “This effort refines and simplifies the overall usability in a 24/7 manufacturing environment where technical expertise may be limited.”

Global Controls is focused on applying cutting-edge technology to factory automation where increased efficiency and reliability pay the highest dividends. “Whether the product is high-value or high-volume, if the human element is the limiting factor in production, that is where we focus our efforts,” notes Miles.

While providing design and integration of a variety of vision inspection systems, Global Controls is also an ABB integrator with experience programming robots, including vision-guided robotics and robot-guided vision applications.

Excerpts from Control Design magazine, Article By Dave Perkon, “Case Study: Vision guides high-speed robotic packaging”, Control Design for Machine Builders, October 1, 2015, Complete article found here