RP240 Replacement: the GC240 Operator Interface

The GC240 Operator Interface is a replacement display for the Parker RP240 Operator Interface and is in-stock and ready to ship. Read on for all features and functions. Please contact Global Controls for more information.


• Operates with Zeta 6104SX, ZX, 500, 6200/6201, APEX 6151/52/54, 6250, 6K, and GEM6K
• 3 wire communication (Rx, TX, Gnd)
• Easy screw terminal connections
• Sealed membrane switch keypad
• Bright 2 line x 40 character display
• Numeric and Function keys for data entry
• 8 LEDs for use as status indicators
• Power input of 5 Vdc @ <100mA
• Low profile handheld unit that can be wall mounted

Function set:

• Clear Display
• Enable/Disable STOP, PAUSE, and CONTINUE keys
• Turn LEDs on and off
• Position the cursor
• Display text and variable data


• Power: 5Vdc @ <100mA
• Serial: 3-wire, 9600, N, 8, 1
• Operating Temp: 40F-120F

GC240 with SX

GC240 with 6000