gc240-closeup080The GC240 Operator Interface is a replacement display for the Parker RP240 Operator Interface and is in-stock and ready to ship. Click here for all features and functions. Please contact Global Controls for more information.
Global Controls analyzes and selects the best robot for your
mpm_mediuminertiarotarymotor064Global Controls designs, builds and installs single and multi-axes systems using AC, DC, Stepping, and Servo motor technologies. We have over one thousand axes of motion in production being controlled by our systems.
Global Controls is expert in the design and integration of in-process vision systems for measurement, inspection, gauging, identification, and sortation of product.
Global Controls is expert in the integration of 1D and 2D code systems. We can build a simple No Match/No Code system to stop your line when the code is wrong or missing. Or, we can build a system that reads at multiple points in your process and treacks and traces the product from fill to pallet.
Optical Character Recognition(OCR) and Optical Character Verification(OCV) character reading is available when you need to read the printed characters in addition to the 1D/2D code.
Global Controls can configure your systems for remote access, whether at the floor or the cloud level. Ask us about HMS/eWON bus conversion, remote access, and wireless transmission devices and how they can assist you in monitoring and maintaining your plant equipment.


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